Happy Halloween!

This year for Halloween, the Wonder Woolmen hosted their second Instagram Challenge- Stitch or Treat! Each of these 10 days had their own unique Halloween-related photo prompt. I have compiled all of my photos from the past ten days, as well as the links for where you can find the patterns used! You can also see all of my posts from the past 10 days on Instagram and Facebook!

Fall in Love with Fall

Right now the fall leaves are at their prime, just starting to make their way to the ground. Farmer Ted and I headed out recently to enjoy them with a walk in the woods. 

Find the pattern for Farmer Ted here!

Trickiest Trick

 I felt like there were a couple of ways to take this prompt, but I decided to interpret it as something I find challenging, and that is definitely working on flat pieces like this ghost doily, called Boo! designed by Marsha Glassner (free on Ravelry!). This was also my first time working in thread so it was a double challenge! I’m used to an infinite number of single crochet stitches when making amigurumi, so this has been a challenge. I also had to frog rows quite a few times trying to keep the counts correct.

Find the pattern for this Ghost Doily from Marsha Glassner on Ravelry!

Crochet Treat

By far my favourite things to make are small amigurumi- to me they are indeed a ‘treat’. I have my own patterns, such as Lil Cuppa and Lil Teapot, but also love making ami patterns designed by others such as this little macaron from the book ‘Whimsical Stitches’ by A Menagerie of Stitches! I usually have a cup of tea close by when I crochet, so this picture is a double treat!

Find the pattern for Lil Cuppa here!

Find the pattern for Lil Teapot here!

Purchase the book Whimsical Stitches (where the Macaron pattern is from) by A Menagerie of Stitches on Amazon.com

A Maker’s Fear

My fear is definitely working in black yarn! It’s hard on the eyes, easy to mess up, and you can’t really work on it at night. If you’ve gotten something from me in black, know that I truly love you! I also made a little spider out of my black yarn because my other fear is getting a creepy crawly friend in my yarn stash. That’s why almost all of my yarn is stored in closed plastic bins!

Find the pattern for the little black spider designed by Draiguna, here!

Pumpkins Everywhere

Pumpkin Bunny is in gourd company this year, having amassed quite the collection of both real and crocheted pumpkins! 

Find the pattern for Pumpkin Bunny here!

Find the pattern for Tiny Pumpkin here!

Witch Stitch

‘Oh look, another glorious morning. Makes me sick!’ I made these adorable little witches inspired by the movie Hocus Pocus a few weeks ago for a friend who is a super fan! The pattern for these three ‘sistas’ comes from the incredibly talented The Crochet Queen Designs

Finds the pattern for Black Haired Witch here!

Find the pattern for Red Haired Witch here!

Find the pattern for Blonde Haired Witch here!

Spider’s Web

My little collection of bug bears was out looking for candy and got stuck in this spider’s web! That’ll teach them to go trick or treating too early! Hopefully these three can figure their way out of this conundrum before the 31st!

Find the pattern for Half Spiderweb by Crochet It Baby on Ravelry!

Find the pattern for Ladybug Bear here!

Find the pattern for Honey Bear here!

Find the pattern for Butterfly Bear here!

Yarn Monster

Watch out, it’s the terrible and ever-fearsome yarn monster! It’s Day 8 of Stitch or Treat- Yarn Monster! Chirp the Chick was so egg-cited for Halloween that he just had to dress up (or more accurately make a mess of my yarn stash).

Find the pattern for Chirp the Chick here!

Maker in Disguise

I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that witch, even when I’m flying crazy. This prompt required you to remake a photo from another maker so I recreated a photo from the incredibly talented  YarnhildI absolutely loved the photo of her new witch design which you can see here on her Instagram page, so I thought it would be so fun to do the same photo with my own bunny witch! Yarnhild is an incredibly talented crochet designer with patterns available in multiple languages. I’ve made several of her patterns and love them all!

Find the pattern for Yarnhild’s witch pattern here!

Find the pattern for Witch Bunny here!

Happy Halloween!

The bunnies are hopping with excitement and the bears are bugging out, because it is finally Halloween! Even Farmer Ted is ready to plow down on some tasty treats. 

Find all the patterns from ‘Bunny-ween’ here! The other patterns featured are linked throughout this post.

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