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Hi, I’m Laura, aka ‘The Cozy Chipmunk’! In addition to a passion for arts and crafting, I love Netflix, music, travel, anything true crime related, and Pokémon!

Ever since I was a young child, I’ve loved crafting. Over a series of birthdays and Christmases, I collected just about every Jazzy Jewelry kit in existence! I’ve dabbled in a wide variety of arts through different classes and workshops. You can read about my search for Joy and trying All the Things, which is continually updated as I try new things!

I started crocheting several years ago, not long after being diagnosed with a chronic illness that changed the way in which I live my life in a lot of ways. A friend suggested that I take up a new hobby as a way to focus my mind and find fulfillment while still getting the rest I need. The next day, I headed to Michaels in search of a kit of some sort, and came across this Star Wars Crochet kit. After three weeks and many posts to my personal Instagram page, I had a completed Yoda, and a new hobby: crocheting!!

Travelling Yoda- my first ever crochet project

Since then, crocheting has become a big part of my life. To stop inundating my friends and family with constant posts of my crochet works I made my public Instagram, and with the help of another friend, came up with my new name, The Cozy Chipmunk .

My happy place!

Entering into the public Instagram world has opened my eyes to a whole crochet community, and provided me with the opportunity to expand upon my craft. Since becoming The Cozy Chipmunk, I have connected with many amazing crocheters across the world, gotten to test a wide variety of patterns, and now write my own patterns, which you can find on this website!


In addition to my crocheting, I also am a fairly new potter. Pottery has given me the ability to work with my hands in a totally different way to crochet, and another avenue to develop my creativity. While this page is mainly dedicated to my crochet works and patterns, as I continue to learn and grow as a potter, you may find the odd post about that as well.



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