Lil Cocoa

Nothing says ‘cozy’ like a fresh mug of hot chocolate on a cold evening, or really any time of day or year! Lil Cocoa is the perfect accompaniment, whether as a decorative piece, toy, or pin cushion! He may not be able to keep your hands warm on a cool evening like a real mug of hot chocolate, but he most certainly will warm your heart!

Check out the incredible Lil Cocoa’s made by testers!

Continue below for instructions on how to make a Lil Cocoa or your own! You can also purchase an Ad-free PDF on Ravelry!

Difficulty: Advanced Beginner

U.S. Terminology


  • Hook: 3.5 mm
  • Yarn: Worsted Weight: Approx. 70-80 yards of turquoise, brown and white. A small amount of pink yarn. I used Impeccable by Loops and Threads
  • 9 mm Safety Eyes, or Embroidered Eyes
  • Black Embroidery Thread for the mouth
  • Polyfill
  • Needle
  • Optional: Stitch Markers and Pins, round piece of canvas *see Other Notes*

Other Notes:

Magic Ring Alternative- If you do not feel comfortable doing a magic ring, you can also chain 2 and work the indicated number of stitches into the first chain.

Continuous Rounds– This pattern is worked in continuous rounds unless otherwise indicated.

Canvas– If you are using a softer yarn, you may want to put a round piece of canvas or fabric that is slightly smaller in diameter than the base to help it retain the flat bottom. I did not find this necessary with my yarn, but some testers found it helpful. You could alternatively make a circle that is slightly smaller in diameter than the base of the cup by following R1-4 for the cup and put it in the bottom of the cup.



In turquoise colour yarn:

R1: 6 SC into MR (6 st)

R2: INC SC around (12 st)

R3: (SC, INC SC) x6 (18 st)

R4: (2 SC, INC SC) x6 (24 st)

R5: (3 SC, INC SC) x6 (30 st)

R6: In BLO, SC around (30 st)

R7-17: SC around (30 st)

R18: In FLO, SC around (30 st)

R19: SC around (30 st)

SL ST to first st and FO, weaving in the ends.

Place the 9 mm safety eyes between R10 & 11, 6 stitches apart and attach the backings. With a needle and small amount of pink yarn, add small rectangular cheeks one stitch underneath the eyes. Finally, with a needle and embroidery thread, sew on a mouth between the two eyes on R10 (see photo for further guidance).

Hot Chocolate Top

In brown colour yarn:

R1: 6 SC into MR (6 st)

R2: INC SC around (12 st)

R3: (SC, INC SC) x6 (18 st)

R4: (2 SC, INC SC) x6 (24 st)

R5: (3 SC, INC SC) x6 (30 st)

SL ST to the first stitch of the previous row and FO, leaving a long tail for sewing to the cup.

Now, line up the stitches of the final row of the top with the unworked back loops from R18 of the mug. Wip stitch through the top and back loops, pausing once you get to 2/3 around the cup to begin stuffing. To ensure there are no lumps, make sure to stuff the cup with small pieces of polyfill at a time instead of large chunks. Continue stuffing as you wip stitch around the rest of the cup. Weave in the ends.


In turquoise colour yarn:

R1: CH 30, HDC in the 3rd chain from the hook and all remaining stitches across (28 st)

FO, leaving a long tail for sewing.

Pin the end of the handle with the tail ends to the top of the cup, about 6 stitches back from the left eye and sew in place, weaving in the ends. With the other end of the handle, roll it up slightly (as seen in the picture), and pin in place just above the base of the cup. With a new piece of yarn and needle, sew it in place and weave in the ends.

Marshmallows: (make 3)

In white colour yarn:

R1: 6 SC into MR (6 st)

R2-3 SC around (6 st)

FO, leaving a tail for sewing. Using a needle and the yarn tail, wip stitch around the FLO of each stitch from the final row. Pull tight to close the marshmallow. Pin to the hot chocolate top and sew in place.

Thank you so much for making this pattern! If you run into any problems or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me through Facebook or Instagram! Please remember to tag me @thecozychipmunk #thecozychipmunk so I can see your completed creation!

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