The 12 Bunnies of Christmas

Come HOP into Christmas, with my first extended project ‘The 12 Bunnies of Christmas!’ This challenge came about partway through designing the first bunny, when someone said ‘it’s like the 12 bunnies of Christmas’… So instead of one bunny, I decided to make 12, all festively themed. As we count down to Christmas Day, keep checking back to see all 12 bunnies in all of their glory! Ten of the 12 bunnies even have their own pattern, which you can access for FREE!

November 2019 Update: Currently ELEVEN bunnies have their own pattern available, but all 12 will be available in time for the holidays, 2019!

The First Bunny of Christmas: Ornament Bunny

Ornament Bunny

‘Oh ornament bunny, oh ornament bunny, how lovely is your tummy!’ This festive bunny was so excited for the upcoming winter holidays that she couldn’t resist dressing up as a holiday ornament! Complete with a snowflake pattern, ornament bunny is the perfect decoration or stocking stuffer for any fan of Christmas! You might have a hard time keeping her on the tree though, as she is just asking to be snuggled and loved. You can find the pattern for Ornament Bunny here.

The Second Bunny of Christmas: Snow Bunny

Snow Bunny

Brrr….. do you feel the chill in the air? It is starting to look and feel like winter! Snow Bunny sure is excited, she has been waiting all year for the snow, and to join her snowman friends. Unlike the other snowmen though, she won’t melt when it gets warm out (one of the benefits of being made of yarn I suppose). You can find the pattern for Snow Bunny here!

The Third Bunny of Christmas: Stocking Bunny

Stocking Bunny

The perfect Christmas scene: hot chocolate, a big cozy blanket to cuddle under, and a stocking bunny hanging by the fireplace. This may not be your conventional stocking, but it comes already stuffed with a cuddly little friend! What more could you want for Christmas?

This pattern includes the option of making your bunny removable from the stocking, or attaching him to use as an ornament! You can find the pattern for Stocking Bunny here!

The Fourth Bunny of Christmas: Reindeer Bunny

Reindeer Bunny

All dressed up and nowhere to go? At least until Christmas Eve that is! This little Reindeer Bunny is ready to step in and help Santa make all of his deliveries this Christmas if a fellow reindeer falls ill. She even has a red nose to help Rudolph light the way! If her services aren’t needed, she’s all dressed up and ready to rock around the Christmas tree with her favourite party dress! You can find the pattern for Reindeer Bunny here!

The Fifth Bunny of Christmas: Christmas Tree Bunny

Christmas Tree Bunny

Who needs to deck the halls, when you can deck out your own Christmas tree dress? This little bunny is ready for the Christmas party hop with a dress adorned with ornaments, and a star for the top of the tree, err.. ear! She won’t complain if you start to place your gifts around her, as long as she is involved in opening them! You can find the pattern for Christmas Tree Bunny here!

The Sixth Bunny of Christmas: Present Bunny


This little bunny got so excited wrapping holiday gifts for her bunny friends that she accidentally wrapped herself as well! It’s okay though, I don’t think anyone would be sad to see this little friend under the tree on Christmas morning! Find the pattern for Present Bunny here!

The Seventh Bunny of Christmas: Santa Bunny

Santa Bunny, slip a carrot under the tree, for me! Santa Bunny and his bunny elves have worked the whole year through in preparation for Christmas, and the big day is finally almost here. All he asks is that you leave a crunchy snack out for him when he comes to deliver your gifts on Christmas Eve. Just like the real Santa, this bunny gets very, very hungry. Maybe he’ll even share with his Reindeer (Bunny)! You can find the pattern for Santa Bunny here!

The Eighth Bunny of Christmas: Gingerbread Bunny


Shortbread, Christmas cake, chocolate, there are so many tasty treats to choose from this holiday season! The absolute FAVOURITE of this little bunny though is Gingerbread, especially decorated with white frosting and gumdrop buttons. Yum! Make sure to double check that you have a real cookie before you bite down though, and not one made of yarn! You can find the pattern for Gingerbread Bunny here!

The Ninth Bunny of Christmas: Festive Sweater Bunny

The countdown to Christmas is getting shorter every day, and holiday parties are in full swing. This bunny has his favourite festive Christmas sweater on and is putting the final touches on his tree before his guests arrive! You can find the pattern for Festive Sweater Bunny here!

The Tenth Bunny of Christmas: Christmas Jammies Bunny

The bunnies were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of carrot-cake danced in their heads.  In anticipation of Santa Bunny arriving soon,this little bunny has got her Christmas jammies and favorite teddy with her! She’ll be sure to be fast asleep this Christmas Eve, in hopes of a stocking full of treats and toys come Christmas morning. Get the pattern for Christmas Jammies Bunny, her teddy and little pillow here.

The Eleventh Bunny of Christmas: Elf Bunny

After a year of hard work, the elves at Santa’s Workshop are putting the final touches on the toys and preparing to load them into the sleigh for delivery on Christmas Eve night! Then it’s time for some rest and relaxation, but not for long! This little Elf Bunny will be hopping to it again in a couple of days to prepare for next Christmas. You can find the pattern for Elf Bunny here.

The Twelfth Bunny of Christmas: Angel Bunny

Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings! An angel is a symbol of many things, including strength, love, joy and peace. Angel Bunny wishes you a wonderful holiday season, and strength, love, joy and peace each day of the coming year! She also wishes her wings were real, as it’s a long climb to the top of the tree! You can find her pattern here!

Thank you so much for following The 12 Bunnies of Christmas! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!


  1. Thankyou so much for all the bunnies. They are cute as ever😗💜⚘

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  2. I cannot seem to find the pattern for the present bunny nor the gingerbread bunny. Where to find?
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    • Hi, thanks for your comment! As I mentioned at the top of the post, six of the 12 bunnies have patterns associated with them, so present and gingerbread bunny don’t have written patterns this year. Just not enough time to write up and test 12 in 2 months! I’m hoping to have all 12 available for next year though!

  3. I LOVE these – the link to Jammies bunny come to the Beach Bear (also SO cute). These are just the MOST adorable idea I’ve seen in a long time… Thank you SO much

    • Thank you so much! I’m so glad you like the bunnies! The link with jammies bunny is to just her teddy bear as the pattern for the full bunny isn’t available yet which is mentioned in the description 🙂

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