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Is that a penguin? No, it’s a Piplup! This Piplup inspired Pokémon just loves the water, but needs to dress warmly against the cold! He’s a proud little buddy and surprisingly difficult to befriend, but once he warms up to you, he will love you until the end of time! Difficulty: Advanced Beginner U.S. Terminology… Continue reading Piplup

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Ornament Bunny

‘Oh ornament bunny, oh ornament bunny, how lovely is your tummy!’ This festive bunny was so excited for the upcoming winter holidays that she couldn’t resist dressing up as a holiday ornament! Complete with a snowflake pattern, ornament bunny is the perfect decoration or stocking stuffer for any fan of Christmas! You might have a… Continue reading Ornament Bunny

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Honey Bear

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a… Honey Bear? This little bear LOVES honey, but is having a heck of a time getting any out of the hive with all those bees around! He’s going incognito with this bee costume to get at the sweet stuff. Complete with a honey pot, this buzzy bear… Continue reading Honey Bear

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From the literary classic comes the Frankenbunny. Sewn together from the pieces of many departed bunny souls, this Frankenbunny has come back to life through a triumph of science and crocheting! We aren’t totally sure how he managed to gain consciousness, considering his bolts aren’t made of metal… Difficulty: Advanced Beginner U.S. Terminology Materials Hook:… Continue reading Frankenbunny

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The Grim Bunny

Putting fear into the hearts of many, here comes The Grim Bunny! As the bringer of death with his scythe in hand, this bunny is ready to reap, but only in exchange for some carrots! (No one tell him that his blade is made of yarn, he thinks he’s the real deal!) Difficulty: Advanced Beginner… Continue reading The Grim Bunny