Present Bunny

This little bunny got so excited wrapping holiday gifts for her bunny friends that she accidentally wrapped herself as well! It’s okay though, I don’t think anyone would be sad to see this little friend under the tree on Christmas morning!

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Difficulty: Advanced Beginner

U.S. Terminology

Size: 6.5 inches seated from the top of the ears down


  • Hook: 3.5 mm
  • Yarn: Worsted Weight: Approx. 120 yards- Fur Colour of your choice, colour for present and small amount of yarn for the nose (I used Caron Simply Soft Party for all of the above)
  • 10 mm Safety Eyes, Buttons or Embroidered Eyes
  • Polyfill
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Thread
  • Optional: Stitch Markers and Pins, Embroidery Thread for eyelashes, Cardboard or Cardstock

Other Notes:

Magic Ring alternative- if you do not feel comfortable doing a magic ring, you can also chain 2 and work the indicated number of stitches into the first chain.

Continuous Rounds– all components other than the present are worked continuously.

Invisible Decrease– An invisible decrease is a great alternative to SC2TOG for amigurumi as it is less likely to leave holes that the stuffing can show through. If you don’t feel comfortable doing an invisible decrease, feel free to SC2TOG instead. To do an invisible decrease, take your hook and stick it through the FRONT LOOPS of the next 2 stitches, YO and pull through those same front loops. YO and pull through remaining loops.


Present Sides: (make 6)

Depending on your tension, you may find you need to make fewer or more rows than indicated to make a square. Compare the length of your sides as you get closer to row 14 to determine whether to keep adding more.

For two of these squares, leave an extra length of yarn when you finish off, enough to sew around all 4 sides of your square. For each of the other 4 squares, leave enough to sew along one side.

This section is worked in ROWS. The CH 1 at the beginning of each row does NOT count as a stitch.

In present colour yarn:

R1: CH 15, SC in 2nd CH from hook and in each CH across (14 st)

R2-14: CH 1, turn. 14 SC (14 st)

FO, leaving a tail for sewing.

If you wish to use cardboard or cardstock to help shape the present, trace a paper square that is slightly smaller than the size of the crocheted squares. Make 6.

To construct the present, take one of the squares with a long tail- this will be the base. Sew each side of the bottom square to the bottom of the squares that will shape the sides, with the tails of the short squares all on the same side (left or right, either is fine). Next, with the tail of each side square, sew to the side of the square next to it. This should form an open faced box. With your final square with a long tail, sew one side to one of the tops of the side squares.

If you made cardboard/cardstock squares, place one on the bottom and one on each inner side of the present. Stuff the present firmly with polyfill. Place the final paper square on top, and sew the final 3 sides of the top of the present in place. Weave in the ends.

To add ribbon, cut two pieces that wrap fully around the present, plus a little bit extra. Wrap 1 piece all the way around, then the second, having the ends of all four meet at the middle of the top of the present. Pin in place and using a bit of thread and a needle, sew where they all join in place. Don’t worry if it isn’t totally neat, this join will later be hidden by the bunny head!


All components from this point forward are worked in CONTINUOUS ROUNDS

In fur colour yarn:

R1: 6 SC into MR (6 st)

R2: INC SC around (12 st)

R3: (SC, INC SC) x6 (18 st)

R4: (2 SC, INC SC) x6 (24 st)

R5: (3 SC, INC SC) x6 (30 st)

R6: (4 SC, INC SC) x6 (36 st)

R7-R13: SC around (36 st)

R14: (4 SC, INV DEC) x6 (30 st)

Place 10 mm eyes between R10 &11, 5 st apart. If you wish to sew on eyelashes, do not add washers to the back of the safety eyes yet! Remove the eyes once you like their placement, using embroidery thread, sew on two or three eyelashes for each eye, starting where the safety eyes will go and out on an angle. Make sure they are long enough otherwise they will be hidden by the eyes.

Reinsert the eyes and add washers to the back.

Using a colour of your choice, stitch a nose, running the needle through several times horizontally, in line with the eyes, and one time vertically, 2 rows down.

R15: (3 SC, INV DEC) x6 (24 st)

Start stuffing, making sure to stuff VERY firmly (be aware though that overstuffing can cause the stuffing to show through the stitches).

R16: (2 SC, INV DEC) x6 (18 st)

R17: (SC, INV DEC) x6 (12 st)

FO, and finish stuffing. Leave a long piece of yarn for sewing onto the present.


In fur colour yarn:

R1: 5 SC into MR (5 st)

R2: INC SC around (10 st)

R3: (4 SC, INC SC) x2 (12 st)

R4-R6: SC around (12 st)

R7: (4 SC, INV DEC) x2 (10 st)

R8-R11: SC around (10 st)

FO, leaving a long tail for sewing. Flatten ears and pinch base in half, sewing back and forth a few times. Pin ears to top of head, starting 2-3 rows from the top, sewing in place. Weave in ends.

Take the head, and pin it to the top of the present, above where the ribbons joined together. The bunny pictured in the main photo is facing a corner of the present, but it can also be sewn to face a side instead.

Take another piece of yarn and tie it to one of the ears to create the bow for your present. You could also place it on the top of the bunny’s head instead!

Arms: (make 2)

In fur colour yarn:

R1: 4 SC into MR (4 st)

R2: INC SC around (8 st)

R3-5: SC around (8 st)

If you would like longer arms, feel free to add additional rows

SL St to the first SC of previous row and FO, leaving a long tail for sewing. Stuff arms lightly. Pin your arms to the body in a position and height that you like. I placed mine slightly below the top of the present, behind the ribbon. Sew in place and weave in the ends.

Legs: (make 2)

In fur colour yarn:

R1: 6 SC into MR (6 st)

R2: INC SC around (12 st)

R3: (2 SC, INC SC) x 4 (16 st)

R4: SC around (16 st)

R5: 6 SC, 2 INV DEC, 6 SC (14 st)

R6: 6 SC, INV DEC, 6 SC (13 st)

R7: (2 SC, INV DEC) x3, SC (10 st)

SL ST to the first SC of the previous row and FO. Lightly stuff legs. The decreases in rounds 5 and 6 will make a slight curve in your legs. When attaching to the present, make sure to place them so the base points slightly upwards. Pin the legs to the front of the present, or in a position that you like. I placed mine just above the join of the side and bottom squares, in front of the ribbon. Sew in place and weave in the ends


In fur colour yarn:

R1: 4 SC into MR (4 st)

R2: INC SC around (8 st)

R 3-4: SC around (8 st)

SL St to the first SC of previous round and FO. Lightly stuff if necessary. Pin to the back of your present body and sew in place.

Thank you so much for making this pattern! If you run into any problems or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me through Facebook or Instagram! Please remember to tag me @thecozychipmunk #thecozychipmunk so I can see your completed creation!

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