Gazzal Baby Cotton Yarn Review

If you live in Canada like me, you have probably noticed that it can be challenging to find decent cotton yarn options for projects that are a) soft and b) reasonably priced!

I’ve been on a bit of a pattern designing break this summer after releasing 5 patterns in July (4 of which are from my The 12 Bunnies of Christmas project as well as the Beach Blossoms Market Bag). This has given me the opportunity to try some new patterns written by other designers.

In the name of my word of the year, Challenge I’ve been actively looking for new ways to challenge myself with new techniques and styles of crochet. When Casale Crafts announced she would be leading a crochet along (CAL) through Furls Crochet for a shawl using filet crochet, I just had to join! Even better, the suggested yarn is a sport-weight baby cotton yarn that actually is available in Canada! If you are a fellow Canadian, you’ll know how challenging and frustrating it can be to see so many amazing yarns and colours that are not available to us, or cost an arm and a leg to ship!

Gazzal Baby Cotton is both available through Amazon and Amazon Canada! Through Amazon Canada, you can purchase it in a package of 5. It is also available through Hobium Yarns to purchase as single skeins and packs of 10, along with several other Gazzal yarns. I have had nothing but good things to say about the cotton yarn I have bought from Hobium in the past, so it seemed like a good purchase.

While Gazzal Baby Cotton is certainly more expensive than some of the cotton yarns often available en mass in Canada, the quality is definitely superior. It is very soft and easy to work with. I love the way that it holds its structure but doesn’t feel stiff.

I also love how lightweight the yarn is, making it perfect for a summer shawl!

If you are looking to try filet crochet, this yarn would be the perfect go-to! It would also be wonderful for any kind of intricate crochet work where defined stitching is necessary. As the name implies, it also is perfect if you are making items for baby, such as blankets or clothing. As this yarn is a mixed cotton/acrylic, I probably would use something different for a bath mat or items that are coming into contact with a lot of heat in the kitchen (no one likes a melting pot holder).

If you like working with thicker yarn never fear, a DK/light yarn called Baby Cotton XL is also available.

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