Just For Me Ami- Coral the Mermaid

Have you heard of the amazing designer, known as Sweet Softies? Her name fits perfectly with her designs, as they are all truly ‘sweet softies’. You can check out her website here if you have as of yet not had the pleasure of visiting her site!

Not long after I started following Sweet Softies, she introduced an event that is now becoming an annual activity- a Creator Challenge! The basis of the challenge is to take a base design and add your own embellishments to make it your own!

The first year of the challenge fell right before Easter, so as you can guess, the challenge was to personalize her little bunny pattern ‘Some Bunny to Love’ . I made two different bunnies for this challenge, both of which are posted below. You can see all of the entries for this first challenge here. The pattern for Some Bunny to Love is also available on her website!

This year, Sweet Softies announced that she would be doing a second Creator Challenge this time, for Coral the Mermaid! This challenge included 5 parts, spread out over several weeks. Click the picture below to access all 5 parts on her website!

Used with permission from Sweet Softies

I absolutely LOVED working on this pattern. Not only is it well written and easy to follow, but it is written in a way that leaves many opportunities for personalization! One of my favourite parts of this challenge was getting to see how other makers put their own personal touches on Coral.

For my mermaid who I named ‘Nixie’, I used La Mia Baby Cotton from Hobium Yarns for the body. This was my first time using this yarn, and I really enjoyed working with it! The cotton yarn was easy to work with, soft, and made beautiful stitches. I’m looking forward to working with it again very soon!

The hair took some thinking, as I wanted it to be unique, and where I added most of my personal touches. I recently picked up a skein of Soft and Shiny from Loops and Threads in the colourway ‘circus’, which is a bright multi-coloured acrylic yarn. After making the headcap and attaching the hair, I used a cat brush to comb it out! It took a lot of work (and a full movie on Netflix), but I was so pleased with the results!!!

After that, I used beaded string to accentuate her hip find, as well as in her hair. I then added these adorable flower sequins to her hair with thin fishing string, and another one to the front of her top!

I was overall really pleased with the yarn I used from Hobium for the body, as well as the acrylic for the hair. I’ve generally worked in acrylic for amigurumi, but quite like the look of cotton yarn when making ami-especially how crisp the stitches look!

I ended up liking this pattern that I had to make another one so Nixie would have a friend!

Even though the Creator Challenge is over (with results to be announced later this month), Sweet Softies has decided to keep the pattern up on her website, so you can make one of your own!!! You can access links to all 5 parts of the pattern here.

-Cozy Out

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